Texas has so many fantastic restaurants to choose from and soon there will be even more. A popular American food chain just inked a deal to bring 20 locations to the lone star state over the next 10 years. The first of these delicious locations are supposed to be open for business in 2024.  

Okay, enough teasing here, the 20 restaurants opening in Texas will be Johnny Rockets which is owned by FAT Brands Inc. The big company owns other very popular restaurant brands which are expected to come to Texas.  

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons
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What Other Restaurants Could Also Be Opening in Texas 

Under the FAT Brands Inc. umbrella is Fatburger, Buffalo’s Express and Round Table Pizza. According to the report from Fast Casual you can expect to see locations for each of these restaurants opening in Texas in part of an 80-store development deal. I’m familiar with Fatburger and Round Table Pizza but I had never heard of Buffalo’s Express, after finding them online they also serve American food specializing in burgers and wings. 

Wikimedia Commons, Canva
Wikimedia Commons, Canva

When and Where Will These Locations Open in Texas 

There isn’t a map or even a list of restaurant locations listed at this time. Although in the report we did find that the first stores are expected to open in the San Antonio area. Only time will tell where the next set of restaurants will be opening in Texas. Do you think we need more restaurants in our area, which one would you be most excited to see open a location nearby? 

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