The latest example of bad parenting comes to us from El Paso. 

A viral video shows two kids on the other side of the barrier of a chimpanzee exhibit at the El Paso Zoo. The video doesn’t show them entering the exhibit, so it’s not clear how they got in there, but the parents don’t seem to mind them being there. 

No, the children don’t appear to be in immediate danger, but that’s beside the point. As we’ve seen recently in San Diego, situations involving wild animals can quickly go wrong. The dad in the video who snuck his toddler into the elephant exhibit is now facing charges.

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ABC 7 reached out to El Paso Zoo director Joe Montisano for comment on the video. He said changes are coming to the zoo to ensure this sort of incident doesn’t happen again. They’re looking at possibly making the fence in that area a little bit taller to make it more difficult to breach. 

Montisano claimed that no park staff witnessed the incident happening. But, if they would have been spotted by staff or security, the family would’ve been banned from the park and trespassing charges would have been filed. 

The best thing to do if you happen to witness something like this in the future is to let a member of staff know, so that they can take appropriate action.

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