Christmas trees come in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles and many families in East Texas have their Christmas trees up and decorated and are just waiting for Santa to put presents underneath them. However, there are homes that are still waiting for the tree to be brought in or put up!

As far back as I can remember, my family started out with an artificial green tree that was decorated with multicolored ornaments, then when I was in elementary and middle school my parents opted for the live tree! That was really cool because we got to go to the Christmas tree lots to help pick out the perfect tree and then my mom suggested a flocked tree one year and that was pretty cool too and we had one for a few years in a row, although the real tree and the flocked trees made a mess!

After I moved out on my own, it was back to the fake tree and after marriage, the tree out of the box still rules! However, after writing this story, I'm thinking next year, we're going to let my daughter decide on what kind of tree to have and if she wants a real tree, we'll let her help pick it out - making it a family event.