When I first saw this information posted on social media I thought it was a joke. The City of Hallsville, Texas wouldn't be posting about flushing "baby wipes" down the toilet would they? The answer to that question is, Yes. The city has been dealing with sewer issues and is now asking all citizens of Hallsville to please stop flushing all "baby wipes" down the toilet.

The post online says that the city has been experiencing a high volume of the wipes going into the sewer system which causes the lift station to shut down which could ultimately lead to the sewer system backing up into neighborhoods in the area. That is a nasty and stinky situation that no one wants to deal with.

The Manufacturer Says It's Safe to Flush, Don't Trust Them

While there are ads that say that baby wipes or wet wipes are safe for your system to be flushed down the toilet, obviously that is not always the case. The annoyance and aggravation has gotten so bad that if the City can determine where all the wipes are coming from there could be a fine issued and that person could be held liable for damages. This includes sewer system damage and other damage caused to other residential homes.

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Wipes Clog Pipes

From now on, the best course of action is to throw all wipes (face, body, and behind) all in the trash to make sure this doesn't continue to damage the City sewer system. While it's easy to laugh at now, this could create a huge mess that no one wants to deal with.

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