Our children are our future. With so many awful things taking place in our society, often children are in the center of the storm left with little or no hope of being a strong, successful, upstanding adult. But here's the good news -- YOU can help! If you've ever considered mentoring our youth, the City of Longview's Partners in Prevention Mentoring program NEEDS you!The program offers youth ages K-12 an opportunity to gain support and care from specialty trained individuals. This particular mentoring program serves Hallsville, Longview, Spring Hill, White Oak,  New Diana, Pine Tree, Gladewater, and Kilgore.

The Partner In Prevention Mentoring program has received numerous awards for the services they provide to our youth. If you've ever considered becoming a mentor, please check out this program.

Partners in Prevention does have some stipulations for the want-to-be mentors. You must pass a criminal background check, attend the mandated trainings, and then you will be matched with a child that will benefit from your guidance.

Have you ever been a mentor? Did you have a mentor in your youth? Do you think you are a better adult because of mentoring?

When answering these questions, also remember that sadly many of our youth don't have anyone to look up to. Criminal activity, gangs, drugs, and teen pregnancy are some of the things that are from low self-esteem and not having a strong posititive role model in their lives.