When looking at local social media pages for not only Kilgore, but all over East Texas one of the biggest complaints you will see is there doesn't seem to be enough fun activities for kids or teenagers. Let's be honest, when kids are bored it's much easier for them to find something to get them in trouble. Or at least that was my experience growing up. But when I saw a group of locals on a Kilgore social media group talking about this very subject I wanted to pass along the suggestions.

Before you look at all the suggestions below remember that some of these ideas are coming from keyboard comedians. These people answer the question trying to get a laugh, so please don't take all of these suggestions as fun ideas because they could get you in trouble with the law.

While Some Answers Are Just Plain Wrong, Others Would Be Great

There will always be some "funny" people on social media with off the wall ideas. But there were some really good ideas that were posted as well so make sure you take the time to look them over and pass them along to any kids or teenagers who say "I'm bored".

What I Really Like About All of These Suggestions

Even the "funny" answers mentioned below all recommend getting out of the house. Not just encouraging teens to sit behind a screen all day. East Texas can be a lot of fun and very beautiful, just getting out of the house is a step in the right direction. Let's look at the suggestions by locals for kids and teenagers looking for something fun to do.

Activity Ideas for Kids and Teens in Kilgore

Some of these answers are tongue and cheek, so please enjoy a laugh but only take part in the activities that won't get you in trouble with the law.

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