It's obvious that video games are very popular with all age groups, it's not just about teenage boys anymore. There are college organizations across the country that have set up teams for competitive gaming like Kilgore College. And now teams from around the state will meet in Kilgore on Saturday for the 2nd annual Esports Summit taking place.

Most of us grew up playing Mario or Donkey Kong, but these competitions are way more intense then the gaming you remember. The event on Saturday is called the "Smash Ultimate Summit" and there will be six teams on hand all battling it out to become the winner.

What Schools Will Be at the Esports Tournament at Kilgore College?

As you would expect the Kilgore College (KC) Rangers will be hosting teams from Texas A&M University, Stephen F. Austin State University, Sam Houston State University, The University of Texas at Tyler, and Abilene Christian College.

Where and When Will the Esports Tournament Take Place in Kilgore?

On the Kilgore College campus at the Dodson Auditorium this coming Saturday, February 26th from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm. Each school has been working to identify the top four players on the game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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How Will The Esports Tournament Work?

It will be a double-elimination bracket. The four-person teams will play 'crew battles' to determine the best team. A cre will play multi-rounds where each team has 12 lives that are known as stock. Stock can carry over from round to round as players advance until only one team remains.

This event is open to the public and anyone interested in Esports in college are encouraged to come experience what an Esports tournament is all about. Click here for more details.

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