I know I said a few days back that I MIGHT spend my Texas summer inside, but my bosses have informed me that they are kicking me out of the studio and sending me outside anyway. To be honest with you.....I'M SUPER EXCITED!

Why? Because I've been itching to get out and learn more about East Texas and some of the cool places yall like to eat, party and hang out at and now that's safe to be around others again, I finally get to meet some of you amazing listeners this summer and I'm looking forward to meeting you, your momma and your cousin too!

Let's meet each other this Saturday (June 5) in Longview at the brand new RNR Tires location at 709 Estes Drive across from the Wal-Mart Supercenter. I'm going to be doing my show LIVE on location there and you should pull up on me for a chance to get hooked up with Kiss prizes and we might even play a game or two while you shop for or get your vehicle squared away with the good folks at RNR!

Calling all my Longview folks to come through and kick with me this Saturday! Let's have some fun this weekend!

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