We had an AMAZING time at Michael Shawn's LOL All White Comedy Show & Party happening at the Majesty Event Center on Saturday night to kick off Labor Day Weekend, but Friday, the 2 stars of the show, hung out and called in to chop it up with Melz On The MIC.

First, Michael Shawn hung out and had some fun with Melz on Facebook Live!

Then the star of the show, Rodney Perry called in to talk to Melz and Mike about the show. Check out the craziness when he called into the show letting everyone know that "all whites are accepted" and how folks tend to forget that despite all the movie and TV credits he has, he's still a "stand up comedian", which he's been doing for over 30 years.

You can check out the interview here and on demand with The Melz On The MIC Podcast available inside your Kiss app when you tap on the "On Demand" button.


Rodney and Michael are truly hilarious and I highly recommend that you go check them out!

You can catch Michael Shawn hosting his own morning show now called Michael Shawn And The Takeover Legends weekday mornings at 5:00 AM on YouTube and he's performing in Addison at the Improv on September 8th. Be on the look out for MORE shows with Michael soon in East Texas and you might start hearing him on the radio again soon.

Also, check out his documentary where he shares his battle with addiction called "Relapse Again" below.

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