Obviously, we live in a free country, people are allowed to believe whatever they want to believe. Although if you don’t like the state of Texas, you’re wrong. Okay, all jokes aside everyone can have their own opinion, but I don’t know why anyone would hate Texas.  


Just like everywhere in the country there are things that you might not love about a specific area, for example the humidity that Texas experiences during the summer months. But personally, I don’t mind it and I love drinking coffee outside in the sunshine before it gets hot. It doesn’t make sense to complain about the weather and everyone knows to expect the heat, so you won’t have to go far to feel an air conditioner.  

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There is So Much to Love, Why Hate? 

There is so much good stuff going on in Texas I’m not sure why anyone would hate it here. Texas is beautiful. There are lots of things to do within driving distance but there are some people that just love to be in a negative mindset, and you’ll never change their minds. For those type of people that cannot stand Texas and will never change what they think there is a special saying that applies, “Bless Your Heart”.  

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