The last time I went to a casino was about two years ago. My friends Mario and Mark were in town for a weekend visit and they invited me to hop in the car and ride along. Mario gave me a 20 dollar bill and said, "Here, go make yourself some money!" That was a hilarious thing for him to say because he knows I don't really ever go to the casino. It's not because the casino is so far away (not really, from the Tyler-Longview area it's just a short drive over the border to Louisiana). I just don't frequent casinos. I always lose my money in the slot machines and I'd rather spend that dough on some FOOD or something cute for the house from Marshall's or T.J. Maxx!

When I do go to the casino, I love to walk around the entire place before I decide which slot machine to play. They have come out with some really cool ones these days. I remember playing on a Wizard of OZ slot, a mermaid machine, and there's even a Sir Mixalot slot machine called, "I Like Big Bucks".

How come we can't get any casinos in Texas, man? We have to go over to Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, or Oklahoma for one, surely someday soon we can get one here!

One Texas state legislator is working on it. Port Arthur Representative Joe Deshotel says he thinks we can get some legislation passed so Texans can flock to a casino in the state. Won't that be a great day when it happens! They had better put the casino in East Texas so we don't have to drive for a bunch of hours to get to it, otherwise, we'll still wander over to Shreveport for a little gambling action.

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