I was minding my business being nosy on Twitter looking at East Texas hashtags when I saw "Courtside Karen" trending. You know my nosy behind, I had to go take a look. A Karen spotting? Is this the first one of the new year?

She came for Lebron James, and messed around and found out, as the kids say!

It seems at tonight's big game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Atlanta Hawks, a patron in the bleachers started yelling a bunch of stuff at Lebron James. Lebron allegedly started yelling back at the man, and then the man's wife leaped in to cuss Lebron out. She got ejected from the game, therefore getting the nickname, "Courtside Karen" from the Twitterverse. BlackSportsOnline.com has a story about Courtside Karen already up. Brobible.com covered the story, too, in fact, the story has gone national, getting coverage on USA Today.

According to Karen (whose real name is Juliana Carlos), Lebron started it by coming for her man. After Juliana was kicked out of the Lakers game by bouncers, she took to her Instagram live IGTV and gave her side of the story. (Her video has already been uploaded to YouTube and you can view it here. Warning her video is NSFW, so don't have any young children around when you watch it!) Her current Instagram page does not have the video up, instead, she has her Insta filled with various photos of her showcasing her luxurious lifestyle. (I can't hate on that!)

I guess I need to start watching more sports on TV, I am missing all the good stuff!

Chris Michael Carlosthis picture on her Instagram

In the video below, Juliana and Chris talk about how they met, their first date, and their first kiss. Twitter CSI be finding out EVERYBODY'S business. I better keep my nose out of trouble or they'll be on me next!

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