Could the COVID-19 days be numbered?

On Monday (July 27th) the National Institutes of Health and Moderna Inc. are in the final testing stages of an experimental COVID-19 vaccine, per the Washington Post.

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Close to 30,000 volunteers from the U.S. will be injected at different sites across the country with either the vaccine or placebo which will track their day-to-day lives to see which group of individuals have more COVID-19 infections.

Dr. Anthony Fauci spoke more about the vaccine testing:

We are participating today in the launching of a truly historic event in the history of vaccinology.

Now even though the vaccine results will not be available until November or December, it is truly great news that a remedy could be on the way to combat the virus. If you would like to volunteer for a COVID-19 vaccine study you can click here.

Also, there is good news as for the first time since June 12th that new COVID-19 cases decreased across the United States, reported by CNBC.

With Texas, Florida, and Arizona being the biggest areas of COVID-19 cases, cases are on the decline as individuals are wearing masks, social distancing and reopening plans have been adjusted.

According to John Hopkins University, there has been over 400,000 confirmed cases in the state of Texas and 5,713 deaths of COVID-19.

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