Let me preface this by being very clear: This article is not intended to convince you to go get vaccinated. It is still YOUR body, YOUR choice on whether or not you want to (just remember to keep that same energy when it comes to a woman's right to choose, but we'll save that for another day). I just wanted to share my thoughts with you about why I did it.

It began on Monday morning, when my wife called me and said her Mom contracted COVID and she was being rushed to the ER. Thankfully, my mom-in-law who I adore greatly is recovering but not out of the woods yet.

Then the next day, I was informed that my great-aunt who was in her late 90's passed away from complications accelerated by contracting COVID. While she did live a full and long life, it was still heart wrenching to find out.

I too caught COVID from my son earlier this year and thankfully, I was able to fight it off and the only things I felt were loss of taste and smell for a few days with flu like symptoms. It only lasted a few days before my body returned to normal, mainly because I spent the weeks and months before catching COVID taking daily vitamins to boost my immune system along with other "natural" remedies.

But just like most of you, I had my trepidations about going to get a vaccine. While we tend to forget that we live an era of incredible medical advancement, we also live in a time where misinformation and "anti-intellectualism" (where ignorance and opinion are considered just as "valid" as facts and science) runs rampant.

Now the following is MY OPINION: I think EVERYBODY (vaccinated or not) is at fault for the rise of COVID again. Instead of taking a measured reopening approach where folks were encouraged to continue wearing masks and staying away from crowds, we just went straight to WIDE OPEN. I also believe that "vaccine" was misunderstood to mean "cure" so vaccinated folks just went back to normal without recognizing that YES YOU CAN STILL CATCH COVID. The vaccine is not a cure, but more of a "firewall" that protects you if COVID catches up with you.

After I spent time doing my research, talking to medical professionals and after talking to my family, I went ahead and got the shot, because having seen so much sadness and death over the last year and recently has convinced me that I would rather do my part to protect myself and others.

Look, at some point, our number will be called and we all will die so whether you do or you don't get vaccinated its up to you but I for one got some things I want to get done before I leave so if this gives me the chance to stay alive, so be it.

Rest In Peace to my great aunt Ethel "Toon" Brow who lived a wonderfully blessed life up to the age of 94.

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