Crawfish season has come early here in East Texas. Which is great news and also means folks across Tyler, TX are on the hunt for mudbugs to boil. So, where can you find your fix?

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Crayfish, crawdads, crawdaddies, mudbugs, ditchbugs, freshwater lobsters, mountain lobsters, yabbies. Served with or without corn. Plus mushrooms. No mushrooms. With taters. Extra Spicy down to extra mild. There are nearly as many nicknames for them as ways to enjoy them. But nothing beats a crawfish boil with friends and cold beer here in East Texas.

So where can you find the crawfish in Tyler? Is there a place in Tyler were they have live crawfish readily available? We've got that list for you... But before we get into it (which is just below) if you're need of boiling tips, my pal Melz has got you covered.

He advises against this new trend of putting sauce on mudbugs, "this is counterproductive because you have to PEEL the SAUCE COVERED SHELL off to eat the crawfish. So unless you like taking the extra step of "dipping" into a sauce, you're really complicating things." He points out that, "Crawfish is meant to be flavorful on THE INSIDE, so after you peel off the shell, there's a payoff."

Thanks, Melz.

And here we go, Places in Tyler, TX where you should be able to find crawfish right now,  with a reminder that it is early in the season, supply is not at capacity, do be sure to call ahead for availability.

Crawfish '23 Season is Early, Here are 7 Spots in Tyler to Eat Them

It's that time once again here in East Texas, crawfish season! That means folks across ETX are hunting for mudbugs to boil. So, where can you find your fix?

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