Texas lawmakers gathered this week in Washington D.C. to discuss Critical Race Theory being taught in public schools in Texas. Unbelievably, the Texas Senate passed Senator Bryan Hughes, Republican from Mineola, SB 3 in an 18-4 vote today. What this means is that school districts will be banned from teaching Critical Race Theory to any student. Fortunately, until House Democrats return to Austin, the bill is stalled.

I don't see why people are against the teaching of history. If it makes their race look bad, they don't want to discuss it. However, history books have been catered to the true immigrants of this country for at least 400 years. If you look up the definition of American in 1828 according to Noah Webster is: a native of American originally applied to the aboriginals or the copper-colored races, found here by the Europeans; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America. So why can't that history be taught. We rely on Noah Webster for all of our definitions so will this one be erased because it reveals a truth that non-aboriginals of the copper-colored races don't want everyone to realize?

True history is very important because it helps you understand where you came from so you can understand how to improve the generations after. The Black American the most that we know is that some of us originated from Africa, but everyone originates from there. Check your history books if you don't believe me. Knowing if we are Israeli, Somalian, Egyptian and so on is important and most of us do not know. I truly hope that the Democrats are able to turn that around because it is important for all history to be taught.


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