Well, cuffing season will officially begin next week and some of the single human beings in Texas are looking for snuggle buddies, sneaky links, sugar daddies, sugar babies and some are looking for something real. Good luck with that last one. I, myself am accepting applications and I thought I would help all of our listeners out too.

So, if you are wondering what cuffing season is, this is the time of the year when the temperature drops. This season usually runs from October until Valentine's Day. During this time people are just looking for someone to hook up with for comfort. This could be the best time of the year for you or the worst time of the year for you. It just depends on what you are wanting out of life and a relationship. If you are looking for something long term and permanent then you have to be extremely careful during cuffing season.

Some people are just wanting an emotional and physical  connection during these months. It has been said that humans feel more lonely when the weather is cooler and that people like to cuddle up and watch romantic movies. Humans also want other people to comfort and connect with them during this time because we have shorter days with daylight savings time.

If cuffing is not what you are looking for, then these are some actions to look out for. If you see these things happening, you have been cuffed.

  • They don't take you on many dates
  • Most of your time is spent indoors, in the bed, watching television
  • There are no plans being made for the future
  • Sex is great...for now
  • You can not connect emotionally with them
  • There are no conversations concerning your feelings
  • They do not work on getting to know more about you

If this is not the path you are looking for, steer clear when you see the first sign of any of the behaviors listed. Don't give up on love though. I say still be available and search in a way that works for you. Be it online dating, meeting people at social functions or the good old fashion way, someone introduces you.

I am active on Bumble, an online dating site and I also check out the socials to see what's poppin' in Texas. I am trying to help you all out too so below are 5 of the available Texas singles that I found on TikTok. Let me know if any of these work out for you.









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