A state's top 'Should I...' Google search can speak volumes about what's on people's minds. In Texas, it looks like a lot of people are thinking about moving.

AT&T used Google data to determine each state's top 'Should I...' search of 2020, and Texas' was 'Should I move houses?'.

So the good news is that it doesn't look like Texans are necessarily looking to move away from the Lone Star State. They're just wondering if they ought to move to a house more suited to their lifestyle.

So what are other states "should I" google searches for 2020?

As you might expect, lots of states top "should I" Google was "should I quarantine?" That was tops in 11 states.

With mortgage rates dropping to record lows in 2020, "should I refinance" had a strong showing and landed in second place with 8 states.

All great Google searches for those looking to refinance or buy a house, but what states are a little more creative with their searches?

Arkansas was one of seven states to Google "should I get a dog", making it the third most googled "Should I" in 2020. (The answer is yes, always yes).

Five states Googled "Should I delete Facebook" the most, which is understandable seeing how social media has fueled more hate in this country than should ever be allowed.

A couple of states even Googled "should I pop a blister" the most.

But California stands alone with their top "should I" Google search for 2020. With all the things going on around the world, California Googled "Should I get back with my ex" the most.

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