The more things change, the more they stay the same as racism rears its ugly head; this time in Oklahoma as an African American male was profiled for "Delivering While Black."

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WHNT reports that Travis J. Miller Sr., who is a delivery driver, experienced a day from hell as he was held against his will from a white man who addressed himself as David Stewart the president of the homeowners association of the neighborhood he was servicing.

This puzzles me because again we have white people doing too much by interfering into business that doesn’t include them as Travis recorded the incident via Facebook Live.

Think about it for a second….

How is it that a black man by the name of Travis J. Miller Sr. who is doing his JOB by delivering a package to a residential area, gets unlawfully detained by the president of the homeowners association and not the POLICE?

Travis J. Miller Sr. | Facebook Page
Travis J. Miller Sr. | Facebook Page

This guy literally had his car blocking him from leaving, called the police to come investigate and even had another person play sidekick like they are Batman & Robin or Andy Griffith & Barney Fife, which is a better choice.

Thankfully, the resident of the package that was delivered went and defused the situation to where “Batman” called the police to cancel the call get in his car and leave without any apology.

However, the most heartbreaking moment is when Travis broke down crying because he knew it could have turned into a horrible outcome.


That rocked my core as well because I have also been discriminated against and I am so sick and tired of African-American's males like Travis and myself get racially profiled, and once cleared, things are back to normal as if no injustice has occurred without consequence or accountability.

When will this end? I'm getting tired and beyond frustrated.....

To the black man, including Travis J. Miller Sr., you are loved, valued and respected!


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