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There's an old saying that you should buy real estate because "God ain't making no more land" but there's land a PLENTY in the deserts of West Texas and there's an ENTIRE town for sale but you'll have to get to work convincing folks to move there.

Welcome to Lobo, Texas!

According to the website that has Lobo listed for sale, for most of the 20th century Lobo was a little desert town and railway watering stop with up to 100 residents. In 1991 Lobo was abandoned by its last residents.

In 2001, three German friends, bought Lobo and began the process of rebuilding the town.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Over the last 2 decades, the current owners spent time living, working, and vacationing in Lobo and hosted many art, short film and music events there one of them called "The Desert Dust Cinema".

The Current Owners Are Putting It Up For Sale Because They Are "Too Old To Continue Their Efforts"

Google Maps
Google Maps

Lobo sits on 10 acres and is located 130 miles southeast of El Paso and 15 miles east of the Rio Grande with Marfa just 50 miles to the south. Several structures remain in decent condition including a gas station, motel, grocery store and some abandoned houses.

Let's Go Inside The Town!


All of this deserted and abandoned real estate WAS on the market for the nice price of $100,000 but did anybody actually take them up on the offer?


From what we seen so far, we don't really know. Maybe the buyer wanted to stay "private" or it was taken off the market but if you know, let us know!

We take you inside the town and some of the buildings that await you.

Deserted Texas Town For Sale For $100,000

Lobo, Texas was abandoned in the 90's and after some folks tried to revive it, they're putting the entire town up for sale for a reasonably low price.

Gallery Credit: Ghost Town for sale (Lobo, West Texas)

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