First of all, if you've not ever had the pleasure of trying Sister2Sister cookies, please rectify the situation immediately. I promise, your life will be at least a little bit better for having had experienced the wonder that are their cookies.

Granted, there are so many incredible places to get great cookies in East Texas. But this is definitely one of the best. Well, that is if you love that soft, thick, homemade cookie "thing." Prepare to fall in love.

Joanna T., Yelp

Even better? Sister2Sister is a locally owned cookie company that started right here in East Texas? So you get to enjoy some of the best cookies you've ever put in your face AND you're also supporting East Texas businesses.

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My personal favorite is the snickerdoodle--OH. MY. But they're all good--chocolate chip, chocolate chip with pecans, white chocolate macadamia nut, and more.

Win y., Yelp

Plus they bake their family recipes passed down over many years within their family, every day. No preservatives or anything like that. Just awesome cookie goodness.

You can watch them create the magic right there at the bakery, too! Kelsey A., Yelp

The cookie company actually started when friends and family started telling them they oughta "share" these cookies with all of us--and we are glad they did.

Recently you may have seen them at one of the Brookshire's grocery stores and even at OTHER locally-owned East Texas businesses who've started selling them as dessert options at their own places.

But NOW? Well, we'll be able to make them at home. 

JK S., Yelp

Today we learned that you can buy Sister2Sister Cookie DOUGH at Super 1 FoodsBe prepared for slight sticker shock: They're almost 12 dollars a bag for 8 cookies. So yeah, they're not cheap...but they're sooo good. 

My only foreseeable problem? Restraining myself from eating them raw. Like, every day.

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