DMX caught the ire of a federal judge during his hearing on tax evasion charges in New York on Friday (Aug. 11). Not only did the embattled rapper showed up 30 minutes late to his hearing, but he reportedly failed four drug tests.

An angry Judge Jed Rakoff scolded DMX for violating his bail after he tested positive for cocaine four times in less than four weeks, reports New York Daily News. The “Party Up” rhymer also tested twice for marijuana and opiates in his system as well.

“He does have a rap sheet that does suggest more than a passing acquaintance with illegal drugs and more than a passing acquaintance with hand guns,” Rakoff reportedly said.

Shockingly, instead of sending him to jail, the judge was lenient on him and ordered that X be place on house arrest with an electronic ankle bracelet. But he also gave DMX a stern warning that if he jumps bail “it will be the end of his career and the end of living a decent life.”

DMX's attorney, Murray Richman, also addressed his tardiness to his hearing citing that his driver “took a circuitous route and got here late."

DMX, who was dressed in a blue tie-dyed Def Leppard T-shirt and light-blue Timberland boots, was all smiles when he left the courthouse and even took pictures with two police officers.

When a cameraman asked how he planned to celebrate the judge’s decision to spare him jail time, he replied, “That’s a celebration right there, just being in there and being able to walk out.”

“It’s a blessing,” he added.

DMX has been out on $500,000 bail in his tax evasion case. The 46-year-old rapper is facing 14 counts related to tax fraud for evading over $1 million in federal taxes.

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