In a recent study, it was "revealed" that Texas most loved consumer brand is Pizza Inn. I have lived in Texas my whole life- what is a Pizza Inn?

I promise I'm not sheltered or not well-traveled. I've been all over our massive state, and my city is notorious for having a high restaurant-per-person ratio. I suppose we must look at how the data was gathered, and a few extenuating circumstances to see how Pizza Inn- whatever that is- took the top spot.

But first, I'd like to prove my point about Pizza Inn- there are massive gaps in locations here in Texas, in fact, the one closest to me is nearly two hours away.

If you live in West or Central Texas, you are going to be starving before you get to the "most loved" brand in Texas.

So why Pizza Inn? 

One criterion of the study was that the brand had to originate from the State in order to be that state's "favorite". I have to wonder- does "originate" mean that the business was founded there- or does it mean it's currently headquartered there- or both? Because Whataburger seems like a more obvious choice to me but a Chicago-based company bought it out. Perhaps that's what knocked them off the list?

However, Dr. Pepper was both founded in Texas and is currently headquartered in Texas. I straight-up need my Diet DP to live- why wasn't it the top choice? Or what about the world's most loved convenience store- Bucc-ee's? It makes no sense.

I suppose it comes down to the way they measured "loved"- by....tweets?

OnDeck first created a list of brands originating from every state. We then performed a sentiment analysis (using Hugging Face API) on a sample of tweets that tagged an official Twitter handle for each brand. The top brand in each state is the locally founded brand with the highest proportion of related tweets that are positive in sentiment.

Notice "sample" of tweets- meaning that there was a "sample size" which could have been quite small vs. total tweets. It could also be that folks in Dallas/ Houston, where Pizza Inns are prevalent, just tweet more, or tweet more positively.

Or perhaps Pizza Inn is the best pizza in the universe, and I am simply out of the loop. The next time I'm not literally hours away from one, I suppose I have to try it.

Side note: New Mexico's favorite was Allsup's and that is 100% correct so I'm still puzzled about Texas.

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