Now that Valentine's Day has come and gone I want to do a survey of the room.

If you ever sent a drunk text to your ex raise your hand!


Oh, I'm the only one.....

I am sure I am not the only one who have done the unthinkable and texted an ex-lover after a wild night with friends drinking then all of the sudden out comes your phone while Sade's "No Ordinary Love" plays in the background (record scratch) Maybe I should stop right there.....

Getting focused again.....

Take 2!

However, does sending a drunk text mean you still love your ex?  Well, if you said "No" you might be right.

According to Elite Daily, Breakup coach (they actually have those?) and podcaster Chelsea Leigh Trescott says drunk texting an ex could mean a lot of things.

Drunk texting your ex could mean you’re still in love with them, but it could also mean a myriad of other things that have more to do with fear than love.

She also mentioned that if you family is always asking the question "Why are you single?" (I hate that question myself) you could get frustrated about fulfilling their expectations of you and contacting an ex could make you feel safe being in a familiar place.

Honestly, I am glad to have finally come to a place where the drunk text messages have come to a stop and I can find happiness without thinking of an ex lover.

Drunk text messages are downright embarrassing and if you just so happen to send a drunk text anytime soon (no judgement) to best way to handle it is to take accountability the following day after you sober up.

Then again, you can just lay off the booze!


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