There is no doubt about it, pets make life better. After a long stressful day there is no one that is more excited to see you walk through the door than your pet. I'm lucky to have been adopted by two dogs (my princess) Gypsy & Cooper! After having dogs for the past 10 years I couldn't imagine not having dogs when I come home or having their dog fur all over my clothes. But there are currently 37 dogs at the Jacksonville, Texas Animal Shelter that are waiting for their furever homes.

A majority of these dogs have gone through a tough time and just need a loving family to spend time with them. Each dog is a little different, some have been dropped off by their owner due to moving, other have lost their owner due to death. But all these animals want to do is love on their new owner and family member just as soon as those adoption papers are signed.

Think About What Type of Dog Makes Sense For You

While it's so easy to fall in love with a little puppy, we all know puppies take training and patience. I know with my job currently I don't have that time so I couldn't get a puppy or high energy animal. Just think about what makes sense for your situation before you go adopt a new family member.

Always Adopt Don't Shop for Pets

There are thousands of animals just waiting for their next home, and they don't cost thousands of dollars. Don't pay for an overpriced breed, just love on a shelter pet who is probably just down the street from where you live. Finding your pet will be one of the best days ever.

Obviously, the pets at the shelter change rapidly so I apologize if a dog on this list has already been adopted.

Now look at all the dogs currently available at the Jacksonville, Texas Animal Shelter:

Dogs Available at Jacksonville Animal Shelter

If you're looking for a new dog here is what is currently up for adoption at the Jacksonville Animal Shelter

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