**Update** 3/31/2022 1:15 pm

According to KLTV who spoke with Mark Whatley, owner of Burns Commercial Properties the deal isn't complete to have Costco come to Tyler, but they have interest in doing so. As of 1:15pm on Thursday, March 31st, The Retail Connection website still showcases the possible Costco location in Tyler:

The Retail Connection
The Retail Connection

We will stay on top of the Burns Commercial Property website so you know when those details are made available.

Original Story:

It's been the rumor we have all heard for years but we finally have some confirmation. Yesterday the rumors were swirling again about Costco coming to Tyler, Texas which most people are very excited about. But it was just weeks ago those same rumors were flying around so I called another Costco store and their manager said she could not confirm nor deny that a store was coming to Tyler. But we now have details from a real estate company trying to lease property around Costco that the store is coming to Tyler, Texas!

Cumberland Shoppes_CU
Photo courtesy of Shelley Taylor via theretailconnection.net

The details continued to be spread on a local East Texas social media group as some of the management at stores currently in the Cumberland Shopping Center were informed that zoning has now been approved for Costco to go across the street. It seems like the rumors were flying around so long it was never going to happen, but it's finally all coming together.

Only One Downfall to Costco Coming to Tyler, Texas

There are tons of things to be excited about with Costco coming to Tyler including stocking up on items we need, adding good jobs in our community, and their inexpensive hot food area with delicious items. But the one thing that is going to be a struggle is the additional traffic on Broadway Avenue, just remember to pack your patience when in the area.

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No Official Opening Date For the Costco Coming to Tyler, TX

Everyone is excited about the wonderful news that Costco is coming to Tyler but once again we will all need to be patient as no opening date has been set quite yet. As soon as a date is announced we will be sure to let you know.

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