Everyone has a favorite beverage and for many adults it’s all about wine. There are many varieties of wines and if you’re looking for a home that can handle massive amounts of wine, I think you have found it in this Frisco, Texas home. There is so much more to offer in this beautiful home but if you are all about wine rest assured that this gorgeous Texas home comes with a wine cellar that can handle 800 bottles of your favorite blend. 

The address for this amazing property is 4353 Cedar Bluff Lane in Frisco, Texas. The house is fantastic but it’s not a gigantic property that you have to maintain. It’s 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and is a total of 7,055 square feet. The piece of land that the house is on totals .29 acres of land so you won't need much more than a push mower and for some people avoiding lawn care in Texas is a major blessing. 

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This Fantastic Frisco, Texas Home Has a Big Price Tag 

The home is currently for sale but it’s not going to be inexpensive to own a place this nice, the list price is just shy of $3 million dollars. Beyond the wine cellar another part of the home that I think you will love is the home theatre and paneled study with a secret door for entrance. 

This Frisco, Texas Home Is Nice but You’re Paying for Location 

The property you see below is really nice, but if you’re wondering why the price is so high, remember it’s located in one of the most popular areas in the state of Texas.  

You’re going to love looking through these photos: 

Nice Frisco, Texas Home Set Up For Wine Drinkers

If you enjoy drinking wine I think you're going to love this place in Frisco, Texas with a huge wine cellar.

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