The summer months are soon coming to an end, but mosquitoes are not getting the message as they are in still out in full force.

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While are are making plans for those end of summer parties and you're enjoying your favorite beer mosquitoes are finding you more attractive after a new study by the Journal of American Mosquito Control Association.

The study shows your body chemical compound ethanol is a favorite of mosquitoes, and when you drink beer, the ethanol from the sweat you produce rises.

Also, to take into consideration when drinking alcohol it causes your body temperature to rise which is something mosquitoes enjoy according to Insect Cop.

Imagine this, if you drink just one 12-ounce bottle of beer that puts you at a higher risk of getting bug bites and we all know mosquitoes at times carry various diseases and could most likely put us at risk.

I enjoy summer just like the average person, but after hearing this news it definitely make me want to rethink my liquor intake or stock up on insect repellent.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

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