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History always has a way of repeating itself as a nostalgia from my childhood could be making a return.

According to CNBC, drive-in movie theaters are reaping the benefits of the coronavirus as social distancing is now required amongst us since regular movie theaters are closed.

With Hollywood going to take a big hit as blockbuster movies like Disney and Marvel's "Black Widow", and Agent 007 James Bond "No Time To Die" are set to release and movie theaters are now closed there seems to be a silver lining when it comes to having another option which is going to the drive-in.

Andrew Thomas is the owner of Showboat Drive-In Theater in Hockley, Texas and his revenue has increased forty percent two weeks ago, and ninety five percent the week before by showing two movies Disney's "Onward" and Universal Pictures "The Invisible Man."

Thomas spoke on the resurgence of going to the Drive-In

Everyone is looking for a way to feel normal and this is a way of being safe. I spend all day answering emails from people who never heard of us before, because they are trying to find something to do.

While the coronavirus got the majority of the world on a sense of uncertainty on the economy and streaming movies are more of the norm it's great to see that the desire for big screen experiences are far from being over.




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