COVID-19 is turning out to be the gift that keeps on giving and not in a good way as we get closer to the Thanksgiving holiday the main attraction could be smaller when it comes to your turkey.

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Because of the pandemic Thanksgiving gatherings will be smaller so you know what that means the size of the turkey will be needed and supermarkets Giant Eagle, Stew Leonard's and even Walmart are already looking into getting smaller sized turkeys and even the boneless and bone-in turkey breasts per CNN Business.

Russ Whitman, Senior Vice President at Urner Barry which is a commodity market research firm spoke more on the change.

The buying arms of the major retailers and distributors are definitely trying to slant their purchases toward smaller turkeys.  That also means buying more hens, which are smaller, and fewer toms, or male birds.

With that being said farmers are slaughtering turkeys earlier when they are smaller, but the National Turkey Federation industry trade group are saying they don't expect the number of turkeys eaten to fall below the normal number of about 40 million, but the size will.

While Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year one of my responsibilities is making sure we have a nice sized turkey for dinner.  Nevertheless, with the way things are going it could be a roll of the dice.

What are your plans for the Thanksgiving holiday?  Will you be getting a smaller turkey or getting a turkey breast instead?

Let us know in the comments.

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