According to one for the doctors rotating through the COVID-19 Unit at  UT Health East Texas in Tyler, they are seeing a trend of young, unvaccinated COVID-19 patients in the emergency room. Dr. Carla Wang-Kocik stated that most of the new cases she has seen of are patients in their twenties, thirties and forties. Also according to Dr. Wang-Kolik they are primarily healthy and robust.

Dr. Wang-Kocik said that they had a case where one person lied to them about being vaccinated because he was scared. She assured that the hospitals are treating everyone regardless of their vaccination status. Currently they are treating patients with things like Remdesivir and steroids at UT Health East Texas, but Wang-Kosik said the drugs are given without truly knowing if they’ll actually help. Now see, that is the part that is a problem for me because it sounds like we are just throwing some stuff up in air to see if it will stick. Which goes back to what I always say about doctors and they say it too, they are "practicing" medicine.

Even though they are unsure about some many things when it comes to this pandemic, Dr. Wang-Kocik strongly recommends that everyone get vaccinated. Even with that, the CDC has said they are unsure what the side effects of the vaccinations. There are so many people upset on both sides of the vaccination coin. I heard it on both sides. Some reports say the majority of the people are fully vaccinated and other reports say its the unvaccinated. What we can agree on is that there is a virus running rampant throughout the world and we all need to make sure that we are taking the necessary precautions.


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