I love educators who find creative ways to motivate their students and there is one teacher in East Texas that's taking her class to the next level. According to KLTV, she is fusing music and English together and has social media on fire for it.

Nancy Caraway is an English teacher at John Tyler High School. Her post from last week has almost reached 100,00 views - and it's just of her teaching her class. So why did it go viral? Because her English lesson is to the tune of Bruno Mars' That’s What I Like to help her students with writing essays. She posted a video on her Facebook page on February 15 of her remix in hopes that through the lyrics her students can write better essays.

Nancy said in a statement:

I hope that through the lyrics of this song, students can use the 'ba da bing' strategy to add details to their writing and as a result, better the quality of their essays.

Kudos to Mrs. Caraway and her English class. You are truly an extraordinary and creative teacher.

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