Go big or go home!? An East Texas man has been arrested after trying to stab his father with a sword! I guess a knife just wouldn't do the trick!

Angelina County Sheriff's Office
Angelina County Sheriff's Office

Deputies responded to a disturbance where a father and son got into a physical altercation with a sword. The deputies spoke to the father and advised his son forced his way in the front door and started yelling at him. He advised he was trying to get dressed when his son came into his room with a sword and started yelling at him and swung the sword trying to stab him. The father advised he tried to block the swing and sustained a cut upper part of his arm.

Jason Carrell Jones was arrested by Angelina County Sheriff's deputies, after allegedly trying to stab his father, according to CBS19. The incident happened on Sunday (December 30), in the morning, around 9:40 am. Deputies were called to a house in the 1800 block of South Farm-to-Market Road 706, by the father, who had dialed 911. According to the police report, the son forced his way into the home, pulled out a sword and attempted to stab his father with it. The father received a minor injury on his arm from trying to block the assault. Jones was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and is currently in jail on $12,000 bond.

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