East Texas has been greeting many people evacuating Louisiana as hurricane Ida approaches the Gulf Coast.While some said they were going to stay and ride out the storm others are seeking safe shelter for the next few days.

While we all hope and pray that Ida does not turn into a Katrina there are still some people from Louisiana that want to stay on the side of caution. The hotels in Longview have seen a surge in Louisiana visitors and if you drive through their parking lots you can tell by all of the Louisiana license plates.

Most of the people that are coming in are coming from the very low lying areas in Louisiana. Louisiana is seven miles below sea level so all of the water coming in will cause terrible flooding for the residents there. While they do have levees but the only problem with that is that they are below sea level as well.

One family came in with three generations of their family. They were sure to pack enough items in the event they have to stay longer than a few days, All three generations traveled from Jefferson Parish's Grand Isle. For the most part, evacuees are planing to stay for at least five days and are praying that they return to homes that are still in tact.

Most people have packed clothes, food, and supplies to make it over the next few days. I can only imagine what is going trough their minds right now. Some people still suffer from PTSD from hurricane Katrina. I sure hope they do not have to relive that experience again.


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