Justice was served for 31-year-old Corey Jones as the officer who killed him was found guilty of manslaughter.

According to NBC News, ex-police officer Nouman Raja was found guilty of manslaughter and attempted murder Thursday (March 7th) as he shot and killed Jones as he was stranded on the side of a south Florida highway.

Raja say Corey Jones broken down SUV in the early morning of October 2015 as he was coming home from a musical performance.

The officer was in plain clothes as he drove a van near the SUV and according to prosecutors never identified himself as an officer as he opened the vehicle's door.

Jones was on the phone with a tow truck dispatcher Raja was heard on the recording saying "You good?" in which Jones replied twice then Raja told Jones to raise his hands using an expletive.

Jones thought he was being carjacked so he pulled out his weapon which he has a permit for and tried to run when Raja fired three shots as Jones tried to get away and then fired three more killing him.

Raja lied to investigators about what happened claiming Jones was the aggressor, but didn't know about the tow-truck dispatcher recording.

Jones family attorney spoke about the verdict,

This verdict is a vindication of the good man that was Corey Jones, and an utter repudiation of a criminal who tried to hide behind a badge.  Though the Jones family will miss Corey for the rest of their lives, they can finally start to heal knowing that justice has finally been served.

Raja faces life in prison.



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