For the past couple of days if you live on social media like myself your timeline has been flooded with a bunch of old people!

The latest #AgeingChallenge is brought to you by the mobile app FaceApp which can be found on your Android or IOS device.

The app will take your photo and you can apply a filter on it to either look young, old, etc.  However, through to all the fun some individuals have raised privacy issues with the app.

According to the Associated Press, indicated a security research pointed out the photos get sent to the cloud for processing instead of being done on your phone, which exposes them to potential hacking and other issues.

Other concerns about the app is that it was created in Russia, but the company explained it doesn't transfer any data per Tech Crunch and got more answers to questions who raise concerns.

It has gotten so bad that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer asked the FBI and Federal Trade Commission to investigate FaceApp, saying it could pose a "national security and privacy risk."

To be on the safe side ladies and gentlemen please READ the fine prints before downloading future apps to your devices.

For those who used the app, do all these privacy and security concerns, make you hesitate to try it?

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