Facebook has been taking a lot of heat lately for their privacy controls, or lack there of. With each new feature that they come up with, there is always a concern for lack of privacy. Well the people at Facebook are stepping up and are updating the privacy features for their site, and giving the users even more control over what is/is not public on Facebook. What exactly are these changes? Keep reading to find out.

On Tuesday, Facebook revealed a huge overhaul of privacy settings for the websites. It is definitely one of the largest updates they have ever done, with over a dozen new settings to the users profile, status updates, locations, and tags. Apparently, this overhaul is so specific and will more than likely confuse users that Facebook will make all 750 million plus of its users take a tutorial. There are 5 main things that are going to be affected by this.

1. Personalized Profile Page- Profile visibility controls will now appear next to anything and everything that you put on your profile. If you make a certain post you don't want everyone to see, you can edit it to show that only your close friends or a certain group can see that post. Symbols will be used to help specify how you want to publish that post. A globe means everyone, while a few heads means just friends, and a gear will specify that you want to customize who sees that post. Also, there is now a "View Profile As" option, where you can view your profile as the way one of your friends would.

2. Tags- One of the major privacy issues is tagging. Now, users will have the control of approving tags before they are actually tagged. If they are tagged in a photo, status update, or location, the user will have to approve it before the tag is allowed. If they do not want to be tagged, they can deny the request.

3. Locations- There is no longer a restriction on tagging locations. A person may login and tag themselves in an update, photo album, etc. when they return home. This also tags back into the tagging updates, a person will not be tagged at a location unless they approve it or tag themselves.

These are just a few updates that the site is doing, for more information plus screen shots to help make these changes visible and easier to read, click here. Be watching for the tutorial and these changes to appear any day now. We figured we would give you a little warning so that when you logged into Facebook you weren't utterly and completely confused. Let's hope these privacy settings do some good and don't make things even more complicated.