Growing up as a kid my parents told me a lot of things to keep me safe.

However, I just found out that one of the main things they told me was an actual lie!

According to Buzzfeed, some of these lies our parents told us were pretty pervasive as they did a recent poll asking,

"Did your parents tell you it was illegal to drive with the light on in the car?"

Apparently, I'm not the only kid that's been told that because a stunning 94 percent of pollers said YES!

Oh the deception!  The betrayal, my parents deceived me!

Social media voiced their sentiments on the matter too and it's quite comical.

To really put this to rest Texas State law does not prohibit interior lights being on and your can see it for yourself by clicking here.

There you have it!

You can drive with the interior light on on your car and basically our parents are liars.

What other lies have your parents told?

I would love to hear about it and compare and contrast.


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