Apple TV is pulling the plug on their feature film - The Banker amid of sexual allegations against the subjects son.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the movie which starred Samuel L. Jackson and Anthony Mackie, is about the actual true story of Bernard Garrett, who is a black man who enlisted a white man to pose as the face of a real estate and banking empire.

The allegations stem from the half sisters of Garrett's son Bernard Garrett Jr who recently came forward and told the Apple execs that Garrett Jr. sexually molested them over the course of a few years back in the 1970's.

Also, they alleged the timeline of the film was changed to keep them and their mother out, only to include a depiction of Garrett's first wife.

Garrett Jr. has stepped down from his role as producer of the film along with having been removed from publicity materials and previously planned appearances promoting the movie.

This is very disappointing as I was very interested in seeing the film.

Check out the trailer below.

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