Talk about a great way to kick off the Independence Day weekend! 
Why not spend some time during the long weekend at the World's Largest Outdoor Market where you can find practically anything you're looking for...antiques, early holiday gift ideas that are truly unique, home decor, clothing, furniture, vintage signs and even the kitchen sink--LITERALLY. Yeah, they have those, too.
See? Literally, including the kitchen sink. Photo cred: First Monday Trade Days in Canton
Although, that's not too surprising when you consider we're talking about 450 acres of shopping. And there always open on the designated weekends, rain or shine.

If you've never been or it has been awhile, you won't believe the vast gathering of creators and purveyors of all kinds of interesting things. What a blast. Practically anything you might be seeking is probably available somewhere.

Photo cred: First Monday Trade Days in Canton

Also, I don't know if you can relate, but sometimes I just crave a dose of fun foods that take me back to being a kid. All kinds of deliciousness await from BBQ sandwiches, nachos, corn dogs, and fried Oreos. Oh my. Is it possible to have an intense crush on a food item?

And if you're not up to walking around all day, you can totally rent a scooter--which is such fun. And yes some people will look at you funny but really--who the heck cares?

OK but as promised, we got the scoop on the pre-Canton tips from vendors themselves on how to get the best deals and have the greatest Canton experience--directly from the people who know best.

Here's what they recommend: 

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Consider going on Thursday. If you can break away from work, this can be an excellent time to go if you want to avoid crowds and get your pick from the vendors' offerings.

Photo cred: First Monday Trade Days in Canton

Wear comfy shoes. Yes, your fancy shoes are pretty and flip flops may seem like a great idea. But honestly, when you're hoofing it around 450 acres of shopping, you'll be thankful you wore your comfortable kicks.

Apply (and reapply) sunscreen. Enough said. It's summer in East Texas, for Pete's sake. Although they do have some lovely parasols for sale, I'm not sure how much the guys will be on-board with that. ;)

Make overnight plans ASAP. If you're considering staying all weekend long, make your accommodation reservations way in advance, if possible. It books up pretty quickly, as you can imagine.

Consider your little ones. Going to Canton is a super-fun family experience. But the days are hot and can get long for kiddos. Make sure you have a stroller or a wagon--not to mention an umbrella for them.

Speaking of wagons... You may want to bring one with you, or a small cart for that matter, to carry all of the treasures you find easily.

Don't forget about the rest of Canton. There's great shopping in the downtown area, as well.

Photo cred: First Monday Trade Days in Canton

Bring cash. "Cash is king when it comes to bartering for that special item," vendors advise. Though yes, there are ATM's there, occasionally they run out of money. Best to bring some with you.

Cell signal can be sketchy sometimes, so plan a meeting spot ahead of time in case a member of your party were to become lost.

Those of you who are First Monday Trade Days regulars, what other tips would you share to have the best possible experience?

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