When it comes to eating out in East Texas, there are a ton of choices and some choices can easily be overlooked! Once I started thinking about this I realized that I've been hitting up the same restaurants over and over again, but it wasn't until I ran across this article on Only In Your State's website that I started thinking about some of those restaurants that are off the beaten path or those that have a local flavor that are really good.

Here are five East Texas restaurants that are off the beaten path that are good and we should give them a try again!

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    The Blue Store (aka - Noonday Country Store)

    16822 Texas Hwy. 155 - Noonday


    Situated along Hwy. 155 south of Tyler in Noonday at Big Eddie Road sits a big blue store! Not only is this a gas station, it's also a place to go to get one of the best burgers in the world! In addition to their burgers, they also serve up some great country cookin' too!

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    4 Way Cafe

    18973 FM 346 - Flint


    Sitting on the southeast corner of the four-way stop in Flint sits the 4 Way Cafe! Sit back and watch the traffic go by at the four way while having breakfast or lunch or you could stop in on your way home and pick up a ready to heat casserole to pop in the oven when you get home for a 'home cooked' meal!

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    Back Porch

    902 Broadway Blvd. - Kilgore


    A Kilgore legend, the Back Porch serves up a good time with home cooked food. There are a ton of options from their menu - patty melts, sandwiches, burgers, chicken dinners, salads and all kinds of appetizers. This place even hosts live music on the porch each Wednesday through Saturday.

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    100 W. Dallas St. - Canton


    Once featured in an issue of Paula Deen's cooking magazine, this small town restaurants sits almost across the street from the Van Zandt County Courthouse on Hwy. 64 in Canton and serves up some great home cookin' featuring burgers, sandwiches, catfish and all kinds of country sides.

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    El Rincon

    209 W. Hwy. 80 - White Oak


    This family ran restaurant is serving up some great Tex-Mex in East Texas. It's easy to pass this place up when going through White Oak, but if you're ever in the area and have a craving for Tex-Mex head to the little white and red building across the street from Brookshire's!