Flo Rida is stepping up his efforts to promote ‘Wild Ones,’ his next album, which hits stores on July 3. Just one day after posting the audio for his Redfoo-assisted track ‘Run,’ the rapper has released a music video for ‘Hey Jasmin,’ which gives product placement to a popular adult website.

As the video begins, Flo Rida enters the quiet Jasmine Tea House, where two ladies sip coffee and read the newspaper. Bored, he browses on his phone to the adult-themed website Live Jasmin. Suddenly, the Jasmine Cafe turns into a banging club called Live Jasmin, where a DJ gets hundreds of people dancing.

As Flo Rida sings, “Shake what your mama gave,” he has his eye on one lady in particular, who returns his stares even though she’s dancing with another guy. He raps, “How you work it, child / Turn around and bounce up and down / Girl, your body’s so versatile / Hey Jasmin, I gotta see you right now.

Before long, the rapper gets a private dance from the girl and stays with her until the video ends. He directs a wink toward the camera and the picture fades out.

Whether the Jasmin website tie-in is an intentional marketing partnership or simply free publicity from the rapper, the company stands to benefit from the exposure. And Flo Rida once again positions himself as the go-to hip-hop artist when it comes to partying in the club.

Watch the Flo Rida ‘Hey Jasmin’ Video