The state of Texas has it all, and this shipping container hotel in Round Top, Texas proves that. We have posted so many articles about amazing homes in Texas, incredible vacation rentals in Texas, and now I have found one of the most unique hotels in the state of Texas. It’s called FlopHouze and this is one place that you will remember forever after spending the night. 

I’ve heard of people turning shipping containers into homes, but I had never heard of someone making a variety of these to create a hotel, that is until now. FlopHouze takes old shipping containers and repurposes them into places for people to stay, it’s all about making people feel comfortable. As you will see in the photos below the owners have really done a great job cleaning these containers up to make them look amazing.  

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The Shipping Container Hotel Offers All the Amenities 

Just like when you stay at a hotel or Airbnb the FlopHouze offers comfortable furniture, the kitchen basics, and some beautiful views of Texas. Plus, lots of the containers that are available to rent have unique artwork on the side which makes lots of visitors pull out their phone for an Instagram photo. 

How Much Does it Costs to Stay at FlopHouze? 

Currently there is a 2-night minimum stay on the weekends, one-night stays are available from Sunday through Thursday. The cost seems to be around $275-$300 per night, so it’s not the cheapest place to stay, but it will be one of the most unique hotels you’ve ever visited. Check out the photos of Flophouze:

FlopHouze - Shipping Container Hotel in Texas

This is one of the most unique hotels you will ever visit.

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