If you're a football junkie (like most of us), nothing beats watching your favorite teams while feasting on tasty food & beverages at the same time.  This season, East Texans have a new destination option for game day fun: Walk-On's Bistreaux & Bar, which has grown to more than a dozen locations in 6 states since first opening in Baton Rouge 15 years ago.

Original Louisiana influence gives the menu at Walk-On's a unique twist compared to typical sports bar offerings. For example, the Surf & Turf Burger is a delicious combination of beef, blackened shrimp, Monterey jack cheese, grilled onions, jalapenos, & thousand island, on a brioche bun.  And while waffle fries typically come with their sandwiches, you won't go wrong swapping out for a cup of Crawfish eTouffee!

In addition to a myriad of burger & sandwich choices, Walk-On's offers a wide variety of salads, wraps, seafood & other "bistreaux" plates (spelled as only its creators' LSU Tigers heritage will allow). So instead of queso, you're getting queseaux.

Jason Eisenberg | TSM

Of course there's no shortage of appetizer selections, & the drink menu is just as extensive.

Let's not forget the one other key "ingredient" for football fanatics - lots of tvs within easy eye-shot of almost every seat in the house.  Walk-On's delivers here too, with flat screens lined up wall-to-wall throughout.

The Cajundilla | TSM

Check it out for college gridiron action Saturday, the NFL on Sunday, or even this Monday evening since the Cowboys will be in Arizona to battle the Cardinals.  It'll only take one visit to understand why ESPN named Walk On's the #1 Sports Bar in America in 2012.