I have to admit I’m not the biggest NBA fan, but anyone who knows sports at all has heard the name Tracy McGrady. He was one of the best basketball players of his era. He is a hardworking and talented athlete. He was a seven-time NBA All-Star, and in 2017 he was elected into the NBA Hall of Fame. Throughout his career he made a lot of money, and some of which he put into his stunning home in Sugar Land, Texas but now you could purchase his old place.  

You’re going to need a large bank account if you want to purchase this amazing property with the list price at $7,350,000. The list price is large, but when you look at this incredible property you will see that it looks better than most resorts I’ve seen. The home was built back in 1999, but it’s in fantastic shape and looks amazing both inside and out. 

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The Walk-In Closets Are Out of This World 

There are so many things to brag about this house but when you see the two huge walk-in closets in the master suite you will be blown away. This home also comes with a 6 car garage and is located on a beautiful golf course.  

You Have to See the Gym and Basketball Court 

As a professional basketball player years ago it was not shocking to see the basketball court on the property but it’s one of the nicest courts I’ve ever seen. And the gym upstairs that overlooks the court is gorgeous as well. Enough bragging about this place I can’t afford, you have to see the pictures for yourself.  

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