Today is National Fried Chicken Day and people all across East Texas including myself will be enjoying some great fried chicken.  Freddie Mae's Restaurant here in Tyler is one of those restaurants that have a warm feeling, with great hospitality and food that makes you feel right at home.

Shawn Knight

I stopped in today for lunch and I spoke to Chef Frederick Ross and wanted to get some in site on the secret behind his special fried chicken.

SK:  Tell us about Freddie Mae's?

FR:  Freddie Mae's is a local restaurant that serves home cooked meals.  I would say that our fried chicken is the best, but I would rather have our customers say that.

SK:  How long have you been frying chicken?

FR:  I have been frying chicken for over 30 years.  This recipe is 20 years old.  I start off by marinating the chicken for 12 hours.  I would tell you more, but it's a secret.....(laughing)

SK:  What makes your fried chicken stand our from the rest in East Texas?

FR:  The seasoning!   When the marinated chicken blends with the seasoning and forms that crust it's hard to explain.  It comes our hot, juicy, and fresh.

SK:  Chef Frederick thank you so much for your time.

FR:  You're welcome Shawn, enjoy the chicken.

Shawn Knight

Freddie Mae's is located at 403 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd in Tyler, TX

Their hours of operation are Sunday: 7a-4p, Monday 7a-3p, and Tuesday - Saturday from 7a-7p.  They even serve "The Best Country Breakfast Buffet in Tyler" which includes Breakfast Biscuits and Tacos!

Stop by and tell them Shawn Knight sent you.