This weekend Smith County Animal Control will be hosting a free donuts and dog adoption event on Saturday, May 20th from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. at 322 E. Ferguson downtown Tyler, Texas. People are encouraged to park in the jury parking lot across the street. All dog fees will be waived during this event and you can also grab a free donut. It doesn’t get much better than that! 

Here in East Texas like many places across the United Stated we deal with pet over-population, which is another reason why you should adopt instead of shopping for your next dog. Even if there is a specific breed of dog that you want, often times there are rescues dealing with specific breeds, it won’t take much time to connect with one of those groups.  

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Just Remember That Pets Are Forever Not Temporary 

While the idea of a pet always sounds great, before you adopt make sure you have the time and resources to take care of a pet. Many people love to adopt little puppies because they are so cute but remember they take training and lots of patience. So, just think about how much time you have to offer an animal before you adopt one. 

Let’s Look at the Dogs Up for Adoption in Tyler, Texas 

If you have any question regarding the dogs or what dog might be best for you, the staff at Smith County Animal Shelter can help you with those questions at the event.

Here is a look at 56 of the dogs looking for their forever home currently being held in Tyler, Texas 

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