It’s a dilemma we have all faced at some point, when friends or family visit us in East Texas. Where is a good place to go so they can get souvenirs to remember the trip? This question was recently posted in a Kilgore, Texas social media group and there were some really helpful answers and some “funny” answers and I wanted to share those with you. Below you’re going to see all of the suggestions on where to go when you’re looking for souvenirs in East Texas. 

Before you start thinking about where you want to go for souvenirs you need to think of the person who is purchasing or receiving these souvenirs. Do they like more generic items like a shot glass or a pen, or do they enjoy more specific items like a t-shirt from the best restaurant in town? Just like you want your family to enjoy their trip, you want them to have something they really like so they can use that item and remember the good times they had here in East Texas. 

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My Favorite Suggestions Were Local Shops 

As you will see from the answers below there were local shops that were mentioned and some big-named locations as well, such as Cracker Barrel. While I do love some Cracker Barrel, most items you get at Cracker Barrel can be purchased at any of their stores, I think it’s more fun to find items that cannot be purchased at hundreds of other locations. 

Souvenirs From East Texas Can Make Great Gifts 

Remember these shops can also help you out when it comes time to do your Christmas shopping or someone is celebrating a birthday. Here is a look at the suggestions on where to go when looking for souvenirs in Kilgore or across East Texas. 

Locations to Buy Souvenirs in Kilgore and Across ETX

If you want to purchase East Texas souvenirs here are the best places to go.

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