Future can't say enough about his love for Ciara and applauds his fiancee for being a part of his blended family.

The rapper spoke to the Rickey Smiley Show and gave CiCi props for befriending several of his baby mamas.

"Even with being at the concert yesterday, I had my kids, I had my kids moms and she just catered to everybody," Future said about Ciara. "Just showing everyone hospitality. I mean you can’t get a girl that just get along with your kids moms and get along with your mom that can just mingle with your family and bringing everybody together and just want that to happen."

The 'Honest' MC continues praising his future wife. "Sometimes they just want to beef and bring or split everybody apart," he states. "But she’s the kind of person she want everyone in the same room."

Brittni, the mother of one of Future's children, recently posted a photo of herself with Ciara and other alleged baby mamas at the concert. The caption: "#FamilyAffair." Rumors have swirled for some time that Future's past lovers have not approved of Ciara and there has been an ongoing beef.

Good to see everyone getting along.