We Get Tons Of Music Sent To Us But We're Looking For The Next R&B STAR From East Texas That Can Take Our Area To The Next Level!

Its Juneteenth 2021 in Tyler. I was wrapping up a live broadcast that day from a location when I was approached by a young lady who asked if I had a moment to listen to her music. I was annoyed because in all honesty, people in the radio business get harassed like this ALMOST DAILY by artists hoping that you would listen to their music in hopes of getting airplay and its truly exhausting. Why? Because a MAJORITY of it isn't any good....that's the truth and if nobody else is gonna tell you, I WILL.

Delishia J's EP: Monday Morning Is Streaming Everywhere!

On this particular day though,I relented and gave her music a listen because I had time to kill with traffic backed up from the location I was trying to leave so I decided to give the young lady a few minutes of my time. She introduced herself as Delishia J and the music she played for me was the early stages of what would become a first EP "Monday Morning".


Monday Morning Track: Feel So Good

As I sat and listened to the early unfinished, I enjoyed the new sounds she delivered and her unique voice. I came away very impressed even though the project wasn't even close to being completed. My parting words to Delishia J was: "Keep working on this and let me hear it when its ready" she's ready.


Delishia J - Stroke

I ran into Delishia several more times since that first meeting and have witnessed her blossom into a rising star that commanded attention every where she would go and sing. Which is why I believe she has the star power and potential to go to the next level in the world of R&B from right here in the ETX!


Her First Single Is "Put You On".

Having said all of that, Delishia J's debut EP is titled "Monday Morning" which a lot of folks tend not to like but she says she named the project after the hated time of the day because her songs on the EP are a "series of thoughts one has from spending the weekend with their significant other and you're thinking about that person while you're back at work".


Delishia J - Fell

The 9 song EP has all the makings of the FUTURE sound of R&B and I recently asked her to come by the Kiss Studio and give us a song by song breakdown of the EP and share with you the meaning of each song.


Delishia J - Fight Night

If you would like a chance to catch this star on the rise live, you can do so this weekend in Tyler as Delishia J will be performing a special "R&B Night" at Shakras Media Vault this Saturday night (March 11) located at 113 S. Beckham.


Delishia J - In Mind

Check out all the songs on the Monday Morning EP right here on our website and check out my extended "track by track" interview with Delishia J on the podcast below.

Delishia J - Make Love

A friendly reminder that we are looking for STARS that can take East Texas to the next level in R&B, is that you? If you're getting booked for shows and there is a real demand for your ORIGINAL music that you can show us, holla at us!

Delishia J - Wanting You

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